Egg Toast Sandwich

Egg Toast Sandwich

by Liu Dahua 266

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This egg liquid toast sandwich can be said to be the perfect combination of traditional sandwiches and west toast, especially suitable for breakfast and afternoon tea!


Egg Toast Sandwich

1. Break up the eggs, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the oil pan and heat up, then pour in the egg liquid and turn to a low heat.

Egg Toast Sandwich recipe

2. Put on the toast slices, and heat the lid until the bottom is solidified.

Egg Toast Sandwich recipe

3. Put on toast slices and sausage slices.

Egg Toast Sandwich recipe

4. Fold up as shown, so that the egg wrapper wraps the toast slice.

Egg Toast Sandwich recipe

5. Cut open, drizzle with your favorite sauce and enjoy.

Egg Toast Sandwich recipe


1. The ingredients in the sandwich can be adjusted according to your preferences.
2. Low heat the whole time, otherwise the bottom is battered and the top is not cooked hot.


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