Egg Tortillas

Egg Tortillas

by Garbo Mom's Food

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Recommended age for corn omelet: 12 months+
Corn is rich in vitamins, vitamin E is also very high, rich in dietary fiber, can effectively solve the baby's constipation problem. In addition, it is also a special food that enhances brain power and protects baby's eyesight!


Egg Tortillas

1. Prepare the ingredients

Egg Tortillas recipe

2. Pour the chopped corn into a bowl and beat in an egg

Egg Tortillas recipe

3. Add carrot shreds, black sesame and walnut powder, and mix well

Egg Tortillas recipe

4. Pour the flour

Egg Tortillas recipe

5. Continue to stir evenly.

Egg Tortillas recipe

6. Brush the non-stick pan with oil, pour in the batter and spread it out until golden brown on both sides, and take it out of the pan. PS: Fry slowly on a small fire, don’t worry, don’t use a big fire, it is easy to cause the scorch on the outside and the inside to be raw.

Egg Tortillas recipe

7. After frying, take it out of the pan, let it cool for a while, and press it into a star shape with a mold, which is convenient for the baby to grasp.

Egg Tortillas recipe

8. Finished product

Egg Tortillas recipe

9. Finished product

Egg Tortillas recipe


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