Egg Yolk Souffle

Egg Yolk Souffle

by cherry-sun

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I have always liked the soft, rich content of Chinese dim sum. One bite is full of satisfaction.


Egg Yolk Souffle

1. Beat the butter after softening. The whipped butter will be fluffy and light yellow

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

2. Add sugar and milk powder separately, continue to beat well

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

3. Add three egg yolks at once. Every time you add one, you must beat it well before continuing

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

4. Then add flour, cut and mix evenly into a dough. Flour should be added gradually, because the degree of water absorption of the flour is different, so pay attention to the condition of the dough before adding

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

5. The dough should be smooth and soft at the end, but not sticky. Pay attention to the amount of flour

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

6. Arrange the dough into a rectangular shape and roll it into a sheet of about 1cm thick

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

7. Use a knife to cut into small squares, the size you like. What I made is 5.5*3 small pieces of 10 pieces

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe

8. Brush a layer of egg yolk liquid on the surface to bake the egg yolk shell. Then, put it in the oven at 150°, first let it fire for 15 minutes, then let it fire up and down for about 5 minutes. Because the fire in my oven is too strong, you should consider the temperature of the oven yourself

Egg Yolk Souffle recipe


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