Eight Treasure Rice

Eight Treasure Rice

by Dong's mother loves to cook

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Eight Treasure Rice

1. Wash the rice, and then soak it with water for 4-5 hours.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

2. Remove the rice, drain the water, and steam for 40 minutes.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

3. Pour the steamed glutinous rice into a basin, add sugar, boiled water, and lard oil while it is still hot, while stirring continuously in one direction.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

4. The boiling water should be added in portions. You can add more if you like soft, or less if you like hard.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

5. Just stir it to this level.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

6. Allow the stirred rice to cool thoroughly. Then take an empty bowl and spread the solidified lard oil evenly on the bowl.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

7. Put the dried fruits such as dates and raisins in the bowl according to personal preference.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

8. Put the dried glutinous rice into a bowl and compact it.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

9. When eating, take a bowl, steam on high heat for 20-30 minutes, and buckle into the plate. Then sprinkle an appropriate amount of white sugar, pour an appropriate amount of high-grade white wine, and set the light on the fire. Someone said that the king called Zhou Ba Shi Fire to Burn Yin Chong. Let's eat it booming!

Eight Treasure Rice recipe


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