Fatty Beef Green Noodles

Fatty Beef Green Noodles

by Doudou

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As a Chaoshanese, we don’t often eat noodles. We eat more kuey teow soup. One time when we went to a friend’s house in the north for dinner, she made a green noodle for us. It was really superb and delicious. But ~ Although I have studied cooking for four years, I really don't like making noodles. The recipe uses the [spinach noodle] from a certain treasure. Served with beef with black pepper, it is real delicious!


Fatty Beef Green Noodles

1. Prepare the ingredients and boil a pot of boiling water. Cut the onion and pepper well and set aside

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

2. Put 1 gram of salt in the water, add fat beef and boil it

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

3. Remove the blood foam and boil the bean sprouts for later use

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

4. Add a little oil to the pot, and fragrant onion and chili rings.

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

5. Pour the boiled fat beef into the pot and stir fry, and then add 25 grams of black pepper sauce. Bailey or McCormick is good. Remember not to use black pepper juice instead, as too much soup will affect the taste. If you have freshly ground black pepper cubes at home, you can also add them.

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

6. Set up another boiling water pot to cook the noodles

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

7. Put it in the dish, the color is amazing.

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe

8. Put the beef with black pepper and bean sprouts on top and you can eat it

Fatty Beef Green Noodles recipe


Doudou Tips:\n1. Putting salt in the shabu-shabu pot can season the bean sprouts, because the bean sprouts do not taste good without any seasoning. \n2. Black pepper sauce must not be replaced with black pepper sauce. First, it will cause a frying pan, and secondly, pouring more soup on the noodles will affect the color of the noodles. \n3. Cook the noodles after boiling the water.


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