Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil)

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil)

by Poems

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Quick bread, save time and effort, suitable for working people in a hurry!

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil)

1. Put the weighed dough materials into the bread bucket, put the solids first and then the liquids. Be careful not to put the salt and yeast together! Start the bread program and knead until the glove film comes out

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

2. Weigh the kneaded dough and divide it into 3 portions. Take a dough and roll it into a rectangle (oval shape), put sausage in the middle, and cut out equally spaced cuts on both sides with a spatula.

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

3. Wrap the sausage on both sides of the dough crosswise, and pinch tightly at the end

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

4. Put them on the baking tray in turn, put a bowl of hot water under the middle of the oven (not plugged in), and ferment to double the size

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

5. Take out the fermented bread embryo and preheat the oven at this time

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

6. Brush the surface with whole egg mixture, sprinkle with chopped green onion, squeeze the salad juice, put it in the middle of the oven and fire 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe

7. Brush a thin layer of corn oil immediately after baking

Fermented Sausage Bread (corn Oil) recipe


Please adjust the amount of liquid according to your knowledge. I used 48 grams of eggs in the recipe. The baking time and temperature are for reference only!


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