Fig Soup

Fig Soup

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Figs have anti-inflammatory and swelling properties, which can help the pharynx and reduce swelling. The serum of immature fruits contains active ingredients such as psoralen and bergamot lactone, and an aromatic substance, benzaldehyde, can be extracted from the juice of mature fruits. Both of them have anti-cancer and anti-cancer capabilities and enhance the body's ability to resist diseases. It can prevent the occurrence of a variety of cancers, delay the development of transplanted adenocarcinoma and lymphosarcoma, promote its degeneration, and will not cause toxicity to normal cells.


Fig Soup

1. Cut ginger into pieces, rinse the rest with water

Fig Soup recipe

2. Boil the water in a pot to blanch the bones

Fig Soup recipe

3. Put all the ingredients except wolfberry in a casserole, add appropriate amount of water, cover with a lid, boil on high heat, turn to low heat, and cook for one hour

Fig Soup recipe

4. After an hour, open the lid and add the wolfberry and cook for a few minutes.

Fig Soup recipe


Figs and candied dates are all very sweet. The soup is sweet, so no salt is added. The casserole soup is the most delicious. You can use other pots without casserole.


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