Healthy Chicken Soup

Healthy Chicken Soup

by Orange Hemp-Eva

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Autumn is here, and the soup is the most popular. Lotus seeds can calm the heart and temper. If eaten with lotus seeds, it will clean the heart and fire. Removing the lotus seeds will calm the mind and nourish the mind. People who have been mentally labored for a long time are moved their minds and cannot concentrate, so they can add some lotus seed soup appropriately. Barley removes dampness and clears away heat, dissolves heat in the soup, lilies and figs nourish and moisturize the lungs. It is very suitable for autumn soup.


Healthy Chicken Soup

1. All medicinal herbs are ready

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe

2. Wash the local chicken and cut into large pieces, blanch it and wash it well

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe

3. Put enough water in the electric casserole, put the blanched chicken in the pot,

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe

4. Red dates pitted

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe

5. Wash the prepared herbs and add them to the pot

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe

6. Electric casserole selects the function of boiling soup, just add a little salt before cooking

Healthy Chicken Soup recipe


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