Finger Biscuits

Finger Biscuits

by Muzi mm kitchen

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A few days ago, I saw my friends bake finger cakes, oil-free and healthy snacks, and my heart is itchy. The first time I bake finger biscuits, it is really easy to use and very delicious. It is very soft and melts in your mouth. It looks like a sponge cake. This biscuit is simple and easy to make oil-free and healthy. As a pure foodie, I will never let it go.


Finger Biscuits

1. Separate egg white and yolk, three egg yolks

Finger Biscuits recipe

2. Separate the egg whites and the yolks, two egg whites

Finger Biscuits recipe

3. Add a few drops of lemon juice to 2 egg whites

Finger Biscuits recipe

4. Add 35 grams of fine sugar in three batches to the egg whites and beat until 9 is distributed, which is hard foaming (pull up the egg beater, the egg white in the basin can be pulled out of the upright egg white tip) [whip with an electric whisk until fisheye bubbles appear, add The first time the sugar, the meringue paste is fine and thick, the second time, there are lines, and the third time is added. ]

Finger Biscuits recipe

5. Add 10 grams of fine sugar to the egg yolk and beat with a whisk until it is slightly whitish

Finger Biscuits recipe

6. Sift in 35 grams of low powder and mix well with a spatula

Finger Biscuits recipe

7. Add half of the egg white paste to the egg yolk paste, and stir evenly in a "J" shape

Finger Biscuits recipe

8. Sift in the remaining 35 grams of low powder, and mix evenly in the same way

Finger Biscuits recipe

9. Add the other half of the egg white paste and mix well

Finger Biscuits recipe

10. Put it in a piping bag

Finger Biscuits recipe

11. Cut a small opening about 1cm in diameter on the piping bag, and squeeze out a long strip of batter in a baking pan covered with greased paper

Finger Biscuits recipe

12. Preheat the oven and bake at the top and bottom of the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes until golden brown. After the biscuits are baked, do not rush out of the oven, and continue to simmer for 5 minutes at the remaining temperature in the oven. After cooling, place them on the plate to prevent moisture

Finger Biscuits recipe


1. Add the flour in batches, otherwise the paste will be very dry and difficult to stir
2. Adding protein in batches is to prevent defoaming, and at the same time to neutralize the dryness of the batter
3. Pay attention to the method of mixing the batter, do not make a circle, do not stir too fast, only gently stir from bottom to top, the batter is mixed and sent to the oven as soon as possible to avoid defoaming
4. The texture of this biscuits is very soft, and it should be sealed and stored immediately after it is out of the oven, otherwise it is easy to get damp.
5. Be sure to observe frequently while baking, and don’t bake too much


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