Flavored Peanuts

Flavored Peanuts

by Yurun Begonia

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Peanuts nourish and nourish and help prolong life, so folks also call it "longevity fruit", and together with soybeans are known as "plant meat" and "vegetarian meat". The nutritional value of peanuts is higher than that of grains, and it can be comparable to some animal foods such as eggs, milk, and meat. It contains a lot of protein and fat, especially the content of unsaturated fatty acids. Fresh peanuts are marinated, but it is a side dish for wine, especially in the hot summer, a bottle of beer is served with a plate of marinated peanuts. Cozy too!


Flavored Peanuts

1. Wash the peanuts with water, and brush it with a toothbrush to remove the dirt in the crevices

Flavored Peanuts recipe

2. Then pinch the peanuts to taste

Flavored Peanuts recipe

3. Put the peanuts in a casserole, add salt, ginger, pepper, aniseed and garlic

Flavored Peanuts recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water

Flavored Peanuts recipe

5. Just cook until cooked, and then soak for a period of time for better flavor

Flavored Peanuts recipe


The peanuts should be fully soaked for a period of time after they are cooked, so that they will taste better and taste better


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