Fondant Santa

Fondant Santa

by Zero Zero Baking

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For the Christmas series of fondant Santa Claus, in order to match the strong Christmas atmosphere, he made gingerbread houses and icing biscuits. The candy man made by Santa Claus is more three-dimensional, so he squeezed one.


Fondant Santa

1. Take out the fondant cream, adjust the color of the skin with food coloring, and knead it evenly, take out 15-20 grams to make a round for the head, save the rest for the hands, feet and body, then press out the eyes and nose, and rub it with black Make the eyes round and brush the surface with a little cold water when bonding

Fondant Santa recipe

2. The nose is the same as the eyes, and the beard is white. Just pay attention to the good proportions.

Fondant Santa recipe

3. Insert wire or toothpicks to make a hat and a beard on the face. The hat is red fondant with white edges around it. The burrs are picked out with toothpicks after they are done.

Fondant Santa recipe

4. Make a good body, then make two hands, and put on the sleeves, the hands can be directly glued on

Fondant Santa recipe

5. Two feet, put on black shoes, wrap them up, please refer to the picture for the size, one square is one centimeter

Fondant Santa recipe

6. Finally put on the trousers and the two feet are ready. If the feet are not good enough, you can use toothpicks to fix them.

Fondant Santa recipe

7. All of them are glued together, you can add another circle around the clothes to wrap your buttocks, and the Santa Claus look has come out

Fondant Santa recipe

8. Make a beard, use a tattoo pen to press out the lines of the beard, and then stick it on, and Santa is ready. Just let it dry after it's done.

Fondant Santa recipe

9. Use letters to mold letters

Fondant Santa recipe

10. To make a walking stick, rub the green into a long strip, and then brush a little water on the red sugar wrapper.

Fondant Santa recipe

11. After the winding is finished, rub it flat, and rub it to the thickness you want

Fondant Santa recipe

12. After cutting off the ends, rub them a little bit and bend it over.

Fondant Santa recipe

13. To make a gift box, first use a white one to make a three-dimensional one, then roll out the green sugar crust, and rub some small red particles on it

Fondant Santa recipe

14. Use a rolling pin to roll into polka dots. When rolling, roll it horizontally and then vertically.

Fondant Santa recipe

15. Cut the red sugar crust into a suitable width to make a ribbon, and wrap the gift box

Fondant Santa recipe

16. Use the mold to press out the bow to decorate

Fondant Santa recipe


Make the head first and then the body, hands and feet, and control the overall proportions according to the size of the head


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