Pink Snail Macaron

Pink Snail Macaron

by Seung Chan Mommy CCM

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Macarons are well known as a French dessert, but in fact, macarons were invented by Italians. There are multiple versions of the specific origin of macarons. When macarons first arrived in France, they were still very different from today's macarons: it was just a single piece and there was no sandwich. After macaroons were introduced to France, especially after entering the 19th century, a large number of French chefs competed to make this dessert, and the single slice gradually became a sandwich. At the same time, imaginative French chefs also tried to add different fruits and jams. ——Even coffee and chocolate to create colorful colors. In this way, the macaroons became the macarons of today. In this way, the macaron, which has flourished in France, has been labeled with a strong French label. Therefore, macaron is not only a dessert, a delicacy, it also carries a culture. Macarons were once aristocratic food in history and a symbol of luxury. However, with the development of history, macarons have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. With their colorful colors, fresh and delicate taste and small and exquisite shape, they have won the love of people, especially girls. The macarons made this time are in cartoon shape, with a little fondant shape, and the snail macarons instantly become my heart. The following formula is suitable for the amount of one plate of macaron mold

Pink Snail Macaron

1. Prepare all ingredients in advance

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

2. Egg white + 35 grams of granulated sugar until it is stiff and foamed, then add 1 drop of food coloring

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

3. Mix the almond powder and powdered sugar through a sieve, prepare to cut and mix with the meringue evenly

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

4. Take half of the almond icing sugar and pour it into the meringue, cut and mix evenly

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

5. Then pour in all the remaining almond protein powder, cut and mix thoroughly, when the macarons paste becomes as delicate as a ribbon.

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

6. Put the macaron paste into the piping bag

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

7. Squeeze on the baking tray, shake lightly to remove bubbles

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

8. After the skin is dry, bake at 160°C for 15 minutes

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

9. Cream cheese and butter until smooth

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

10. Put the whipped cheese frosting into the piping bag, the macaron biscuit blanks are also matched, a set of two pieces, one piece of macaron + cheese frosting + one piece of macaron

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

11. Draw a thread on the macarons with stuffing

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

12. Use fondant to make a snail head shape and draw the eyes

Pink Snail Macaron recipe

13. Finished picture

Pink Snail Macaron recipe


The macarons in this recipe are made of French meringue. The amount of sugar used is already the lowest. Macarons are generally sweeter. The key is the filling. I use fermented butter and no sugar. In addition, the cheese itself is a bit sour, which just neutralizes the sweetness of macarons. The cooked macarons are best kept in the refrigerator overnight. When the filling is slowly immersed in the biscuit base, it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The filling is really delicious like ice cream.


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