Frog Fondant Cookies

Frog Fondant Cookies

by Zero Zero Baking

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Making a cartoon biscuits on 61 Children’s Day can please the children. The original cookie has a cartoon shape and instantly transforms into a gorgeous one.
This biscuit is relatively simple and easy to make.
The biscuit recipe can be made into ten pieces, and the fondant can be made according to your own needs.
I also wish you a happy Children’s Day to all the children and friends!


Frog Fondant Cookies

1. Cut the butter into small pieces and put it at room temperature to soften, and the softened butter can be gently pierced into the finger

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

2. After the butter is softened, add powdered sugar, first use the whisk of an electric whisk to manually mix the powdered sugar with the butter to prevent the powdered sugar from splashing out when beating.

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

3. Add the egg yolks in batches and beat them with an electric whisk until they are mixed each time before adding them again. (If the egg is put in the refrigerator, take it out to warm up when the butter is softened, so it is easier to beat, and the egg yolk can also be replaced by whole egg liquid)

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

4. The butter after adding egg yolk is obviously yellower and creamy

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour and mix well with a spatula. It is too dry at first, just mix it a bit more

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

6. The mixed dough is wrapped in fresh film and placed in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes, or placed in the refrigerator for 10 minutes

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

7. After refrigerating, take out the dough and place it on the silicone mat and roll it into slices with a rolling pin. The thickness can be determined according to your needs, and then use a round mold to make a round shape (when you take out the dough, you can turn on the oven to 190 degrees and start preheating)

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

8. Use your hand to press the mat down under the silicone mat, gently lift up the biscuits, and then gently scoop up the biscuits with the help of a scraper

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

9. Place it in a baking pan covered with tarp, put it in the preheated oven, and bake at 190 degrees for 13 minutes, then add the upper layer and bake for 4 minutes to color

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

10. Let the baked biscuits cool for later use

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

11. Take a small piece of fondant skin and melt it in insulated water, take it out and add 5G of cold boiled water and mix it evenly into sugar water for later use

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

12. Now let’s make the fondant decoration. Roll out the fondant skin, use a round mold to make a circle, and then stick it on the surface of the biscuit. Brush a little sugar water between the biscuit and the fondant as a binder (the size of the round mold is based on the baked biscuit. Depends on the size)

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

13. Take a small piece of fondant paste and add green pigment, roll it with a rolling pin until the color is evenly colored

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

14. Then roll it into a thin piece, use a round mold to press out a circle the same size as the white fondant skin, and then use a thin fondant tool pen to draw the outline of the frog

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

15. Then use a fondant knife to cut off the excess part, stick the frog on the white fondant skin, keep the bottom aligned, and then draw the frog's mouth

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe

16. Take a piece of white fondant paste and rub it into a circle, and then gently press it with a ball tool pen to form a small recessed semicircle. A small amount of black fondant paste is rolled into a circle and added to the white recessed place to decorate the eyes. Use a thin tool pen to poke two points on the nose

Frog Fondant Cookies recipe


You need to be very careful when handling the sugar crust. The temperature is high in summer and the sugar crust is too sticky. Dip a little white oil on your hands to prevent sticking. There are about ten cookie recipes, but there are not so many fondant recipes. Make them as needed.


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