Four Red Soup

Four Red Soup

by Happy life 12

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In the dry autumn and winter season, stewed a warm sweet soup to nourish blood and beauty, the whole person feels warm. Girls are naturally angry and blood is easy to lose, and nourishing blood and nourishing qi has always been a recipe. When taking care of their babies, mothers must first take care of themselves.
I remember that my mother often boiled some red jujube water or longan tea for my sister and me, just because I was young and energetic, I didn't take my mother's love seriously and thought I looked good and didn't need these. When the years passed quietly and the appearance had changed, I realized that my mother's love was right, so I started to stew some soup to nourish my body.
The so-called "four reds" refer to the four things of red dates, peanuts, red beans, and longan. Together, they have become the first way for women to nourish blood and nourish their beauty.


Four Red Soup

1. Wash the red beans and peanut kernels, and remove the pits of the red dates

Four Red Soup recipe

2. Put it into the pressure cooker, add appropriate amount of water, cover, and start to simmer with the soup stall.

Four Red Soup recipe

3. After the pressure cooker is ready, add brown sugar to melt it, ready to eat.

Four Red Soup recipe


1. Jujube contains vitamin C, which can maintain skin elasticity and inhibit the precipitation and formation of melanin. Chinese medicine believes that red dates are a very popular warming and nourishing ingredient for nourishing qi and nourishing the spleen, nourishing blood and protecting blood.
2. Avoid peeling off the "red coat" of peanuts when eating, because it has an excellent effect of nourishing blood. Red beans are sweet in nature, rich in vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other ingredients. Longan is a fruit that nourishes blood and nourishes the heart.
3. If you don't like brown sugar, you can replace it with rock sugar.


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