Four Red Soup

Four Red Soup

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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It is said that women are made of water, and the secret of moist and beautiful water is these soups and water, so today I will bring you a cup of delicious drink-Sihong soup. Just hearing the name tells that there are four kinds of ingredients in it, and each ingredient is red, so the name is given. So what are these four kinds of food? What are their benefits to the human body?
The first ingredient is jujube, which nourishes blood and boosts energy. For people with poor sleep eyes, it has the effect of calming the nerves. The second ingredient is red beans. Red beans are not only a love-sick thing, but also a favorite of female friends. The red beans themselves are sweet, can moisturize blood, and cheeks are rosy and shiny. The third ingredient is brown sugar. Compared with white sugar, brown sugar has a different taste and performance. Brown sugar is warm in nature and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Especially if female friends feel uncomfortable on those days of the month, drink it. A cup of hot brown sugar water, its effect cannot be underestimated. The last ingredient is roses. Roses are not only beautiful in color and full of aroma, but also soothing the liver, relieving depression, and beautifying the skin.


Four Red Soup

1. First prepare the ingredients you need, wash the red beans and jujubes,

Four Red Soup recipe

2. The jujube is pitted and cut into small pieces, and all the ingredients are poured into the soymilk machine,

Four Red Soup recipe

3. Take 900ml of purified water from the water purifier,

Four Red Soup recipe

4. Pour purified water into the soymilk machine, start the soymilk program,

Four Red Soup recipe

5. Wait a while for the delicious Sihong Soup to be cooked, come and taste it.

Four Red Soup recipe


1. The jujube needs to be pitted and cut into small pieces to make the punched liquid more delicate.
2. Don't put too many roses, or it will have a bitter taste.


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