# Fourth Baking Contest and is Love to Eat Festival# Low-fat Vanilla Sponge Cake

# Fourth Baking Contest and is Love to Eat Festival# Low-fat Vanilla Sponge Cake

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Using yogurt to replace part of the fat, the texture of the cake is still dense, delicate and soft, with a simple but not boring taste of happiness"


# Fourth Baking Contest and is Love to Eat Festival# Low-fat Vanilla Sponge Cake

1. Place baking paper around the round baking tin and set aside.

2. Weigh all the materials first. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

3. Prepare two large containers and one small container. Put warm water at about 40-50 degrees in the large container (you don't need to burn your hands), and put room temperature eggs and sugar in the small mixing bowl.

4. Use a whisk to mix the eggs, sugar and vanilla seeds until a little foamy state. (It takes 1-2 minutes)

5. Water-proof heating: Put the mixing bowl of step 4 into a container with warm water and continue stirring at high speed. (The egg and sugar must be mixed well (step 4) before they can be heated in water to prevent the egg from solidifying)

6. Stir until the egg liquid has reached the temperature by hand, then leave the warm and hot water container and continue to stir at high speed.

7. Continue to beat the eggs until the color of the egg batter gradually becomes white and there are clear traces of the egg batter dripping from the stirring rod.

8. Use a whisk to gently mix all the sifted powders in batches into the beaten custard until there is no powder at the bottom of the basin.

9. Finally, gently stir in yogurt and vegetable oil. (It is recommended to use yogurt with low water content, such as Greek yogurt. Or use cloth or kitchen towels and filter to filter water by yourself)

10. Pour the egg batter evenly into the cake tin that has been covered with baking paper, and shake the tin to expel the air.

11. Put it in the oven and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes until the bamboo skewers are not sticky.

12. After the cake has cooled, tear off the baking paper, wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag, and leave it overnight or a few hours before tasting. It will be more moist and delicious.


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