Fragrant Cherry Cider

Fragrant Cherry Cider

by Photinia

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The first time I fell in love, the first time I traveled alone, the first time I had to bear the hardships of life alone... There are countless firsts in my life, just like the first time I tried to post a recipe, I came to us with friends a month ago The famous tourist attraction "Huangcheng Xiangfu" manor went to pick the cherries. I wanted to pickle some cherries for decoration, but unexpectedly, I accidentally brewed a fragrant cherry fruit wine. The cherries are almost exhausted, and the color of the juice is clear. , This wine does not add a drop of water, the mouth is sweet and fragrant. "


Fragrant Cherry Cider

1. Wash the fresh cherries, control the dry water, sterilize a clean bottle with boiling water, then add the whole cherries and sugar, dry white (dry red is also possible, but the color will be darker, the color of dry white is all clear from the cherries , I like it very much), steam it in a steamer until the sugar is fully melted, cover the bottle while it is hot, put it in a cool place, and put it in the refrigerator 5 days later

Fragrant Cherry Cider recipe

2. You can open and drink in 20 days

Fragrant Cherry Cider recipe

3. Simple steps, but delicious without limits.

Fragrant Cherry Cider recipe


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