Big Ear Tutu Bento

Big Ear Tutu Bento

by Angel falling to earth

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This is a clever, naughty and clever child named Hu Tutu. He is three years old this year. He is naturally happy, kind-hearted, likes to be nosy, energetic, all cute children can find their own growth from Tutu. Shadow is very curious about the things around him, and has his own unique insights and super imagination. His words and deeds often make people surprised. Sometimes it embarrassed my mother, and sometimes gave my mother too many surprises, and it is Dad's greatest wish to develop Tutu into a real man. It is a long and trivial learning and exploration process for children to go from ignorance to knowledge. For every parent, they will experience joy and troubles.
Take our family Chenchen as an example. Before 1 year old, he was super good, then 1 started to be naughty. At that time, I often comforted myself that 2 years old would be fine, and 3 years old would be fine. I didn’t expect to be 5 years old now, but more and more. It’s maddening. The walls are painted with her masterpieces. The kitchen sliding doors are covered with stickers. Sometimes I paint my face, hands, and body. I don’t like clothes and cut big holes with scissors. , I cut a small hole in the wall when I sleep, this is Chenchen’s job, and when you talk, she always can’t wait to interrupt you to listen to her. I feel that I don’t want to bring Chen. It's chen, when you are good, you will think she is the cutest child in the world. When you are naughty, you really want to beat her up, don’t listen to anything, tell her dangerous things, and sometimes you have to try it yourself. What will happen to you?
It’s not easy to be a mother. Fortunately, when I was a child, I was an obedient child, so I didn’t worry about my mother less. Now I will no longer be silly looking forward to 6 years old, 7 years old, etc. , As she grows older, she will only have more ideas of her own. It is really difficult to make children obedient, not obedient is not good, too obedient is not good, there are always so many contradictions, in a word, it is really difficult to raise a child , You need to have a strong heart and endurance.


Big Ear Tutu Bento

1. Prepare the ingredients

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

2. Corn cooked and set aside

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

3. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices, roll the okra in the middle, and marinate in barbecue sauce for a while

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

4. Heat the oil in the pan, add the chicken rolls and fry them over medium heat and cut into sections

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

5. Asparagus blanched with a little salt

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

6. After the eggs are beaten, use a flat-bottomed non-stick pan to form an omelet

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

7. Cut the quiche into strips of appropriate width, cut the cherry radish horizontally and vertically with a cross knife to turn it into stamens, and roll the quiche around the radish.

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

8. Wrap the rice with plastic wrap to make the head and ears of Tutu

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

9. Nori cut out the eyes, mouth, etc.

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe

10. All the vegetables and fruits are packed in the bento box

Big Ear Tutu Bento recipe


When frying the chicken rolls, turn them slowly to prevent the rolls from falling apart. If there is no cherry radish, you can use small tomatoes and other ingredients instead.


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