French Macarons

French Macarons

by Hua Ning Yuyan

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Macaron, a delicious little dessert, but the success rate is very low, and because its production cost is very high, so many novices stop. In fact, the French macaron method is very simple, no need to boil sugar water, production steps There is also a lot less, and every step is done according to the requirements, and it can still be successful.

French Macarons

1. Almond powder and powdered sugar are mixed and sifted for later use

French Macarons recipe

2. Egg white and sugar ready

French Macarons recipe

3. Pour the white sugar into the egg white three times and beat until it is stiff and foamed as shown in the figure.

French Macarons recipe

4. Take one-third of the egg whites into the mixed almond flour, and stir with a silicone knife

French Macarons recipe

5. After that, pour the mixed batter into the remaining egg whites and continue to mix until the batter can fall like a ribbon from a high place. Be careful not to defoam the egg whites.

French Macarons recipe

6. Stir the batter, add food coloring separately, and mix thoroughly

French Macarons recipe

7. Then put it into a piping bag, and cut a small opening in the piping bag

French Macarons recipe

8. Squeeze it onto a baking tray covered with greased paper, and then dry the skin for about an hour until a hard crust is formed and it won’t stick to your hands. This is also the key to whether the macarons can appear skirts during baking.

French Macarons recipe

9. Place the dried macarons in the preheated oven at 135 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes. The baked macarons are matched in size.

French Macarons recipe

10. Next, make the filling, pour the whipped cream into a basin, put it on the fire and boil

French Macarons recipe

11. Pour the cooked whipped cream into the chocolate to make ganache

French Macarons recipe

12. Pour into the piping bag

French Macarons recipe

13. Then squeeze onto the biscuits

French Macarons recipe

14. The delicious macaron is ready

French Macarons recipe


Dry the macarons before they are done, so that you can bake a more beautiful skirt. Place them in a ventilated place for about an hour until a hard crust appears on the skin and you can’t touch your hands by touching them.


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