Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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Since I started baking, I don’t like to make biscuits. My recipe has the fewest biscuits. why? Everyone who has made them knows that a lot of oil should be added to biscuits, especially cookies, where the amount of butter is almost close to the amount of flour. Although it is delicious, it is unavoidable to have a burden when eating. Especially many girls who want to keep in shape, love and hate cookies!
But recently, when I get home from get off work in the afternoon, I don’t know how, I always feel very hungry! I want to eat some snacks first, put my stomach down first, and I want to make a healthier biscuit. Later, I saw such a recipe that does not require oil, and I carefully studied it and changed a lot according to the actual situation. The final product was actually very good! Thanks to the addition of almond flour, it smells so good when it's almost roasted! Although I didn't add a drop of oil, it was still delicious, so I couldn't stop it!
Also, if you make it in your own family, it is for your health. If you don't need additives, you don't need it! So, I used a little baking soda instead of baking powder, and the biscuits that I took a bite into were also very fluffy! Everyone has read chemistry about baking soda, and the reaction produces carbon dioxide gas, which is harmless to the human body! But don't add too much, it will be bitter.
The happiest thing is that for such a healthy biscuit without oil and additives, I originally planned to eat a few slices every afternoon to satisfy my hunger. The surprise is that my husband and son actually liked it very much, saying it was delicious! Everyone, try it too! There will be surprises!


Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil

1. Mix the low flour, almond flour, caster sugar and baking soda together

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

2. Isolate egg white and egg yolk

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

3. The egg whites are beaten with an electric whisk until bubbles appear

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

4. Add flour and egg yolk to the egg whites and mix well

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

5. And into a smooth dough. If it is a bit sticky, you can also put it in a fresh-keeping bag and seal it under refrigeration. I didn’t refrigerate, I just operated it

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

6. Shape the dough into strips and cut into small doughs of equal size, about 20 grams each, preferably the same size, so that it can be heated evenly. I did not weigh it visually, but the classy students can weigh it.

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

7. Roll the noodles into a round ball and arrange them on a non-stick and borderless baking sheet at a certain interval. If it’s not non-stick bakeware, line it with greased paper

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

8. Dip almond slices on the surface and squash

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe

9. The hot air circulation is set to 150 degrees for about 20 minutes, and the color is slightly yellow. Cooled out of the oven, the surface is golden with natural cracks

Almond Cookies without A Drop of Oil recipe


Note that the actual temperature of each oven is different from the set temperature, and you need to set it according to your own oven situation. The temperature of my oven is on the high side.


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