Fried Dumplings

Fried Dumplings

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I especially like to make glutinous rice balls with noodles by myself. It’s already a problem. I have to get to the northeast every day. I like to change the taste. It is fried and steamed. The first time I make it with crispy outside and glutinous inside, it is delicious. I have several flavors of chocolate. The roses are very fragrant, try it if you have time!


Fried Dumplings

1. I made my own glutinous rice balls and frozen them in the refrigerator because the fillings are too diverse and I can’t remember what kind of stuffing I just took a bag.

Fried Dumplings recipe

2. Pour about 500 edible oil. I used the blended oil. The oil is heated up one by one. Use a chopstick to gently pierce the glutinous rice balls and make a small hole.

Fried Dumplings recipe

3. Change the low heat to prevent the paste and watch the glutinous rice balls turn into golden yellow. Remove them for the first time. They don’t look good, but they are delicious. Let cool and eat them, otherwise they will burn your mouth.

Fried Dumplings recipe


You must use chopsticks to dazzle the glutinous rice balls when they are in the pot.


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