Fried Hor Fun

Fried Hor Fun

by Nutritionist Yiye Gourmet

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The most common breakfast for Cantonese people are dry fried beef noodles, fried egg noodles, fried noodles with meat, and fried noodles! When I am alone, I often eat this way.


Fried Hor Fun

1. The ingredients are according to our liking, but in Guangdong, we all like to add bean sprouts, shallots, carrots, leeks, etc.

Fried Hor Fun recipe

2. Heat the pan, add oil, and fry carrots over high heat

Fried Hor Fun recipe

3. Put in bean sprouts and turn a few times

Fried Hor Fun recipe

4. Put in the pho, don’t stir fry too quickly, let the heat come up, and heat up the pho

Fried Hor Fun recipe

5. After the pho is hot, add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, green onions, and stir fry quickly

Fried Hor Fun recipe


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