Fried Rice Cake

Fried Rice Cake

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Stir-fried rice cakes have the functions of enhancing resistance and wide intestines, sterilizing, promoting digestion, lowering blood pressure and lipids, preventing cancer and anti-cancer, delaying aging, and supplementing calcium. It is suitable for people with cancer, high blood pressure, night blindness, rough skin, etc. It can be eaten by the general population. People with three highs are suitable for patients with itchy skin and stomach disease to eat less

Fried Rice Cake

1. Put the rice cakes in water and cook on high heat for 2 minutes

Fried Rice Cake recipe

2. Add oil to the pan and then pour the tenderloin and stir fry until the color changes

Fried Rice Cake recipe

3. Pour in the garlic sprouts, the flavor is very fresh, salad oil, chicken powder and stir fry evenly

Fried Rice Cake recipe

4. Finally, add the cooked rice cake and stir fry out.

Fried Rice Cake recipe


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