Sour Soup Rice Cake

Sour Soup Rice Cake

by Tianshan Cocoa

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The combination of sour soup and rice cake is really delicious, that is, it is at the bottom of the soup. The meatballs and everything are floating on the top. If you want to eat rice cakes, you can rely on fish. It has a ready-made soup base. In a snowy winter, a bowl of steaming sour soup and soft and fragrant rice cakes will help. You warm up. Even the soup can soak rice, especially delicious, sour and fragrant soup, with white and tender rice cakes, as well as a variety of meatballs and crab steaks, a simple and refreshing appetizing warm dishes. The pot is ready to be eaten as a meal or as a vegetable.


Sour Soup Rice Cake

1. Ingredients: 1 bag of rice cakes, hot pot meatballs, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, salt, 1 packet of sour soup and fat beef base, 2 scallions, appropriate amount of lettuce

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

2. Defrost rice cakes and meatballs in advance to save cooking time

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

3. The rice cakes are boiled in boiling water and boiled until they have no hard cores. Then they are picked up and passed over cold water, so that the rice cakes are more vigorous and tasty. Wash Shanghai green, wash and mince chives, and shred ginger

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

4. Add water to the wok, add sour soup and beef base, add ginger

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

5. Put the lid on the pot and bring it to a boil over high heat, then put the balls to a boil. Because the rice cake is cooked, don’t make it too early

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

6. Boil the next rice cake

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

7. Boil the next rice cake

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

8. After all of them are boiled and floated up and shiny, sprinkle with chives to add color and fragrance.

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe

9. It can be eaten on the table as a dish or as a staple food. It is sour and fragrant. It is really appetizing and delicious. Even the soup is refreshing and appetizing. Soaked rice and noodles are delicious.

Sour Soup Rice Cake recipe


1. The sour soup base can also be used as a hot pot base, adding new ingredients from time to time, slightly spicy and slightly sour, especially appetizing, you can cook a few noodles after eating, even the staple food is also solved.
2. If you like to eat enoki mushrooms, you can add more, it will be more delicious.


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