Rice Cake Soup

Rice Cake Soup

by Yurun Begonia

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I like to make rice cakes into soup. If you are tired of fried rice cakes, you might as well try this beef kelp rice cake soup that I will introduce to you today. The method is simple, and you will learn it soon.


Rice Cake Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients you need: bagged rice cake slices, dried kelp soaked in advance, sliced beef with sauce; onions, ginger, garlic and bean paste; prepare them together;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of blended oil in the wok, then add green onions, ginger and garlic to explode the aroma;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

3. Put the kelp in the pot;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

5. Put the bean paste in the pot;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

6. Put in the rice cake slices;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

7. Put in the sauce beef;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

8. Cook for a while until the rice cake pieces become soft and waxy;

Rice Cake Soup recipe

9. Put the prepared soup into a soup bowl. The delicious and delicious rice cake soup is very popular with the family!

Rice Cake Soup recipe


1. The salt content of bean paste and beef sauce is enough, so there is no need to add salt;

2. If there is no sauce beef, it can be replaced with other meat ingredients.


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