Fried Toon Fish

Fried Toon Fish

by Ning wheat 96

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Fried toon fish is a delicacy not to be missed in spring. The tender toon buds are very delicious when they are wrapped in egg liquid and fried. However, I think it is a bit greasy and I prefer to fry them with a thin layer of egg batter. If you like a crisper taste, you can add some starch to the batter, or add some beer. Like me, I fry it directly with flour, add more eggs, it will be easier to color, and it will be the same crispy when eaten while it is hot.


Fried Toon Fish

1. Wash toon sprouts

Fried Toon Fish recipe

2. Put it in boiling water, blanch it, the color turns green, immediately remove it, rinse thoroughly with cold water

Fried Toon Fish recipe

3. Gently squeeze away the water

Fried Toon Fish recipe

4. Put flour and water in a bowl to make a thicker paste

Fried Toon Fish recipe

5. Add eggs, stir to form a very fluid batter, add some salt to taste.

Fried Toon Fish recipe

6. Put the toon in the batter and fry it into golden brown over medium and low heat

Fried Toon Fish recipe

7. Take out the oil control

Fried Toon Fish recipe


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