Toon Baked Eggs

Toon Baked Eggs

by Nutritionist Yiye Gourmet

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In spring, everything is revived, and green sprouts hang on the trees~ and there is a kind of tender sprout with a unique taste. It is the sprout of toon tree that can be made into various dishes. Its leaves are thick and tender, with green leaves with red edges, like agate or jade, with a unique and strong fragrance! The tender leaves are edible, dried and ground into a fine powder, and can also be used as a seasoning. The edible time is very short, only before and after the rain in spring, toon buds are not only rich in nutrition, but also have medicinal value. The price of toon remains high in many cities, so that it has not blocked people's desire to buy, which is enough to show how tempting it is.


Toon Baked Eggs

1. Cut off the roots of toon and wash it well

Toon Baked Eggs recipe

2. Boil it in boiling water for half a minute, pick it up, then the toon will turn green

Toon Baked Eggs recipe

3. Chopped

Toon Baked Eggs recipe

4. Add eggs, salt and beat well

Toon Baked Eggs recipe

5. Heat the pan, pour in the oil, then pour in the toon egg mixture, fry for a few seconds

Toon Baked Eggs recipe

6. 6 Cover the lid and bake over medium-low heat, about 5-8 minutes. You can turn it over and fry for a while if you like.

Toon Baked Eggs recipe


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