Toon Egg Pancakes

Toon Egg Pancakes

by Shimizu Shark's Fin Kitchen

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Toon is called "vegetable on the tree". Every year before and after the rain, it is the best season to eat toon. After the rain, the toon will grow "bones", and the taste will fade and even suffer. So if you miss this season, you will have to Wait a year!

My mother’s family planted a big toon tree. From a small finger-thick seedling, it has grown into a towering tree in a few years. Every year Gu Yu is the time when we pick it. The bamboo poles are connected with one section and one section. In one section, I can pick large baskets and small baskets every time, and then send some to the neighbors, pickle some, and blanch the rest to freeze, and eat at any time throughout the year. Of course, there are more ways to eat toon. Toon scrambled eggs, fried toon fish, toon omelets, toon mixed with tofu, there are too many ways to eat, the special fragrance of toon makes it super easy for you to cook without too much seasoning. Cook out delicious.

Spreading toon into egg pancakes with soy milk or rice porridge is a delicious breakfast, where nutrition and deliciousness coexist.


Toon Egg Pancakes

1. Toon Wash

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

2. Blanch it and fish out

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

3. Blanched toon chopped

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

4. Beat the eggs into the bowl,

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

5. Add flour and some water

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

6. Stir it into a thin batter that flows smoothly, add toon, add a little salt and mix well

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

7. Heat the pan, drip a few drops of oil, shake the pan to make the oil cover the bottom of the pan, and scoop a spoonful of toon batter

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

8. Shake the pan to make the batter evenly cover the bottom of the pan

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe

9. Fry on one side and then turn over and fry on the other side

Toon Egg Pancakes recipe


Toon can be hotter at a time, and if you can't eat it, you can freeze it in the refrigerator.


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