Frosted Bread Tree

Frosted Bread Tree

by Baiyun is still a cloud in the depths (from Tencent.)

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When time permits, I like to pinch the dough and play with shapes as I want. In the Year of the Horse, I use the dough to set up a "tree of life". I hope that everything will go in a good direction in the new year. It's also a New Year's wish.


Frosted Bread Tree

1. 150g each of flour and water, add 1g of yeast and stir evenly. After fermenting at room temperature until small bubbles appear, put it in the refrigerator at 5℃ for at least 16 hours to make soup dough

Frosted Bread Tree recipe

2. Mix the soup dough with high-gluten flour, eggs, milk, yeast, salt, and sugar. After mixing for 20 minutes with a kneading program, add butter, and then use the kneading program to mix for 20 minutes to the complete stage. Cover with a damp cloth and ferment until 2 times larger

Frosted Bread Tree recipe

3. Divide a large dough of 150 grams, and divide the rest into small doughs each weighing 115 grams. Roll into a round, 饧 for 20 minutes, roll round, wrap in cranberry and red bean paste, pinch tightly and seal

Frosted Bread Tree recipe

4. Place in a baking tray, ferment to double size, brush with egg mixture, preheat the oven, bake for about 15 minutes at 140°C and 200°C, let out and cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar on the surface

Frosted Bread Tree recipe


Put a glass of water in the oven during baking to increase the humidity and make the bread softer.


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