Fruit Crepes

Fruit Crepes

by Scarlett

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The crepe has a soft taste and a sweet taste. It represents the unique French culture. The material of the crepe is quite simple, the crust is a half-open round pancake with a fan-shaped picture; cheese or cream is added in the middle; as for the filling, it is wonderful, a variety of home-made ingredients, including eggs, ham, onions , Tomatoes, salmon, fresh fruits, etc., any combination. You can make salty crepes as the main meal, and sweet ones as desserts.


Fruit Crepes

1. Sift low-gluten flour and mix with sugar, then beat in the eggs

2. Add milk and mix, mix well

3. Melt the butter and pour in, stir well, and let stand for 15 minutes

Fruit Crepes recipe

4. Heat the pot and brush the bottom of the pot with a thin layer of vegetable oil

5. Pour in the mixed egg liquid, turn the pot, spread the bottom of the pot evenly

6. Slowly fry on low heat until the shape is set, and the egg pancakes are fried and placed on the chopping board

Fruit Crepes recipe

7. Place an egg pancake on the plate and spread yogurt in the center

8. Then place your favorite fruits at will

9. Fold the bottom two sides of the quiche and place it

10. Sprinkle a few cashew nuts with milk, a very good breakfast

Fruit Crepes recipe
Fruit Crepes recipe
Fruit Crepes recipe
Fruit Crepes recipe


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