Fruit Honey Yogurt

Fruit Honey Yogurt

by Winter mood

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Since I have a yogurt machine, I have often made yogurt, because my stomach is not good, so I want to adjust my stomach in this way. It's cold, but I will eat some food every other way. Or eat it directly, or add some fruit, or add some honey. In short, you can eat it whatever you like. "


Fruit Honey Yogurt

1. Ingredients: yogurt, honey, dragon fruit, mango.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

2. Prepare a small bowl and pour an appropriate amount of yogurt into the bowl.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

3. Cut the two kinds of fruits into pieces separately (I like mango the most, because mango and yogurt are a perfect match).

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

4. Then put the fruit on the yogurt.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

5. Finally, pour honey on the fruit, and the fruit honey yogurt is ready, very simple.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

6. Finished product.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe

7. Finished product.

Fruit Honey Yogurt recipe


I use the original yogurt.


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