Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll

Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll

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After eating this breakfast, you will know how happy it is to have a Western chef father! Summer sweet fruits are paired with yogurt and oatmeal, sweet and sour, and the baby will enjoy eating one bite at a time. There are also warm bacon egg rolls, golden, soft, and fragrant, exuding a charming aroma. What the baby eats is not only delicious food, but also dad's love! Everyone quickly learn and become the chef dad in the eyes of children! "


Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll

1. Making fruit Meisling: Choose seasonal fruits, peel them and cut into small pieces, pour yogurt, and sprinkle oatmeal on top;

Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll recipe

2. Cut the bacon into small cubes, beat the eggs, rub the cheese into the eggs, pour a little oil in the pan, fry the bacon until golden brown, pour in the egg liquid and stir evenly;

Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll recipe

3. Add bottom oil to the pot, pour the egg mixture, roll it into a roll during the heating process, serve with whole wheat bread, top with tomato sauce, so that a set of children’s favorite fruit Meisling with bacon cheese egg rolls is made Alright.

Fruit Meisling with Bacon Egg Roll recipe


Don't cut the egg roll for too long, otherwise it will be burnt, and the egg can be rolled up when it reaches a semi-solidified state.


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