Fruit Vegetarian Soup

Fruit Vegetarian Soup

by Jamie Pastoral

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After eating pancakes with fruit, let’s have a bowl of fruit soup.
Fruit is the great love of Tianjin people. The flatbread with fruit is one of the breakfasts that Tianjin people like very much. It is delicious and anti-hungry. The pancake fruit is well-known at home and abroad. Not only that, there are many ways to eat fruit. Fruit vegetarian soup is our traditional quick soup here. Fruit is the main ingredient, add a few slices of coriander to enhance the flavor, and fermented bean curd is the main seasoning. A very delicious soup.


Fruit Vegetarian Soup

1. Pick and wash the coriander, prepare the fruit

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

2. Cilantro chopped

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

3. Cut the fruit into pieces

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

4. Add water to a boiling pot and bring the fruit to a boil

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

5. Add fermented bean curd juice

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

6. Add salt after boiling

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe

7. Stir evenly and turn off the heat, add coriander, pour in sesame oil, stir evenly and serve

Fruit Vegetarian Soup recipe


1. The fermented bean curd juice is salty, control the amount when adding salt.
2. You can also use a whole piece of fermented bean curd.


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