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The tall and delicious muffins are so easy to make. Why don’t you hurry up and have one?



1. First mix low-gluten flour, baking powder and powdered sugar

Muffin recipe

2. Sieved for use

Muffin recipe

3. Beat eggs, add milk and melted butter

Muffin recipe

4. Whipped evenly

Muffin recipe

5. Then add the liquid mixture to the powder and stir into a particle-free, delicate batter.

Muffin recipe

6. Turn the pan on medium and low heat, wait for the pan to heat up, spoon in about 35 grams of batter and pour it into the pan

Muffin recipe

7. When there are small pores on the surface of the dough, you can turn it over and continue frying until the other side is golden brown and you can get it out of the pan.

Muffin recipe

8. Pour the fried pie with yogurt

Muffin recipe

9. Put on strawberries and blueberries, and the muffins are made

Muffin recipe


1. When frying muffins, there is no need to put oil in the pan. After the pan is heated, spoon into the batter. Keep a medium-to-low heat throughout the process. If the firepower is too high, the dough will expand excessively;
2. For fruits, you can choose seasonal fruits to match.


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