Beauty and Energy Soup

Beauty and Energy Soup

by Leaf's Little Chef

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This energy soup made today is made with fruits for beauty and beauty plus lettuce sprouts that I have grown with a bean sprout machine. The sprouts are the most vigorous period of the plant, and regular consumption can improve human immunity. I added a little rock sugar to the energy soup, it tastes good, let’s have a big cup for beauty and beauty...


Beauty and Energy Soup

1. Prepare the raw materials

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe

2. Wash the cherry tomatoes and chop them, as well as the mango, banana, and lettuce sprouts.

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe

3. Pour all the raw materials into the soymilk bucket, pay attention to the total capacity should be between the lowest value and the highest value

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe

4. Tighten the Super Micro Grinder in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure, then close the head and the cup body, and tighten the coupler

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe

5. Connect the power supply, press the "Multi-function" button, select "Energy Soup", press the "Start/Cancel" button, it will make a beep and start to work

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe

6. After it’s done, it will make a sound of "didi, didi", unplug the power, the energy soup is ready

Beauty and Energy Soup recipe


1. The raw materials should be cut into small particles as much as possible;
2. No lettuce sprouts can be replaced with lettuce or other raw vegetables such as mung bean sprouts and pea sprouts;
3. After finishing, if you feel that it is not delicate enough, you can do it again. If you want a very delicate taste, you still have to use a broken wall cooking machine.


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