Fruity Teal Soup

Fruity Teal Soup

by Alien limit

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A creative soup privately enjoyed by sisters in a community group. The soup is made with fruits, almonds and teal. A slight modification of the foreign race can not stop the temptation of its taste. It becomes the protagonist at family gatherings. The soup is clear and fragrant. Taste, a touch of almond scent, blends with duck fresh. Xiaomei Niu has a good mouth, and she even said it was delicious and commented: there are apples and pears sweetness and fresh meat. The fruity duck soup has almonds added to it and adds a bit of aroma, which is delectable and nourishing in the dry winter.


Fruity Teal Soup

1. Ingredients: 1 teal, 1 apple, 1 pear, 20 grams of almonds

1. After the teal is slaughtered, wash and chop large pieces;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

2. 2. Wash apples and pears with salt and warm water, cut into four pieces with the skins, and remove the cores;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

3. 3. Rinse the teal with boiling water and drain the water;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

4. 4. Put the teal meat into the inner pot of the rice cooker;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

5. 5. Put the fruits into the pot separately

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

6. 6. Wash the almonds with water to remove the floating dust, and put them in the pot;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

7. 7. Pour water into the pot;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

8. 8. The amount of water is less than the ingredients;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

9. 9. Put the inner pot of the rice cooker into the rice cooker;

Fruity Teal Soup recipe

10. 10. Select the ""Porridge/Soup" function, the default time is two hours, press the start button to complete.

Fruity Teal Soup recipe


1. This teal is artificially bred and is not a second-class protected animal in the wild;

2. The soup highlights the sweet and sour fruity flavor, and does not need to be seasoned with salt;

3. The fruit is not peeled to prevent it from being stewed after being stewed for a long time;

4. Midea/Midea's MB-WFS3099XM smart IH rice cooker stainless steel cauldron liner, the soup needs 2 hours, one-click to complete the easy soup, this time is just right to enjoy the chrysanthemum in the square, saving effort and worry.


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