Garlic Tofu Fish

Garlic Tofu Fish

by anankitchen

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Tofu fish is the leading fish. It is rich in protein and can maintain the balance of potassium and sodium; eliminate edema. Improve immunity. Lower blood pressure, buffer anemia, and promote growth and development. Rich in cholesterol, it maintains cell stability and increases the flexibility of blood vessel walls. Maintain normal sexual function and increase immunity.


Garlic Tofu Fish

1. Cut the vermicelli into sections and soak in warm water to soften

Garlic Tofu Fish recipe

2. Wash the tofu fish, remove the head and tail, cut into pieces, drain the water, add chicken essence, garlic, ginger, minced pepper, celery, fish sauce and marinate for 20 minutes to half an hour

Garlic Tofu Fish recipe

3. The soaked vermicelli is placed on a plate, topped with marinated tofu fish, then topped with chili diced (if you don’t like spicy food, don’t put it), celery diced and garlic

Garlic Tofu Fish recipe

4. Put the tofu fish on a steamer that has boiled water, and steam for 20 minutes to start the pot. Pour out part of the water in the dish, pour a few drops of sesame oil on it, and start eating

Garlic Tofu Fish recipe


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