Rice Skin and Fresh

Rice Skin and Fresh

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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Like a gust of wind, steamed seafood just appeared in front of us. All kinds of Haibawang fight fresh, both staple food and dishes, while steaming and playing while keeping time, this kind of dining really attracted our attention, but relative to the price It is indeed high. That day, the six of us ate more than a thousand steam dishes. To be honest, a few of us were not full yet. So when I went home, I copied this kind of dishes at home. At first, I steamed it in a steamer, but the taste of the steamed dish was slightly worse.
Then I stayed at a small house this week and I steamed it again. This time I used a steamer for steaming. With the same ingredients, the steamed dishes have completely different tastes. So when he talked about this problem with Dad Niu while eating, he laughed at me. He said that steaming in a steamer is different from steaming in a steamer. This kind of steaming in a steamer is a steam mode, which produces fast steam and heats up quickly. , It can better lock the moisture and flavor of the ingredients, and of course its nutrition is relatively perfect. Now I will give this rice skin and fresh, if you like it, you can also try it.


Rice Skin and Fresh

1. The ingredients for this dish: 1 serving of rice skin, 3 plums, 3 tofu fish, 5 shrimp mushrooms, 3 fresh shrimps, celery and carrots for garnish.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

2. Soak the rice skins in clear water, and the bubbles will steam a little and make it smoother.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

3. Marinate the seafood with fine salt for a while and then wash it, and then place the water control code on top of the rice skin.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

4. Check the water level of the steam oven water tank again.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

5. Season with cooking wine, ginger, light soy sauce, and pepper.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

6. Then put the flavored freshness into the middle layer of the steaming oven.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

7. Select the fourth mode for cooking, which takes 20 minutes.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe

8. The picture shows the steamed fresh scallion. If you like scallion oil, you can add another hot scallion oil, but I don't like it very much. According to our side, I will serve it with some soy sauce vinegar for dipping. Thank you friends for watching. If you like, you can try the charm of Pinxian. What kind of seafood and aquatic products the family likes can be matched together, and a variety of steaming can suit everyone's right choice.
The taste of seafood steamed in a conventional steamer is relatively dry, and its freshness and sweetness will be worse. The high-temperature steam mode of the steaming oven keeps the original taste of seafood, and tastes fresh and delicious, and the nutrients are not lost and all locked in the ingredients themselves. No matter how much you talk about it, you still think that I am talking empty words, and I will feel it if I try it myself.

Rice Skin and Fresh recipe


The rice skin should be soaked thoroughly so that it will not stick together after being steamed and will not be too dry.


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