Giraffe Cake Roll

Giraffe Cake Roll

by Ronin 1974

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Giraffe Cake Roll

1. 10 grams of cocoa powder, use 20 grams of hot water to boil for use.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

2. Beat the egg yolks and egg whites into two oil- and water-free basins. Add 50 grams of milk and 40 grams of corn oil to the egg yolk bowl, mix well, add 50 grams of low-gluten flour, mix well and set aside.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

3. At this time, preheat the oven at 180 degrees, then add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the egg whites. Use an electric whisk to beat until wet foaming. Lift the whisk and pull out a small hook, which is wet foaming. Then add one third of the egg white to the egg yolk paste, cut and mix well, then add one third and mix well, and mix the egg yolk and egg white paste in a total of three times.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

4. Put a spoonful of the well-mixed batter into a piping bag, squeeze the giraffe pattern on the greased paper baking tray, put it in the preheated oven and bake for one minute, then take it out.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

5. Add the cocoa paste to the remaining batter and mix well. Pour it into the baking pan, smooth the surface, lift the baking pan, slap it on the table a few times, and throw out the big bubbles in the batter. Put it in the middle of the oven and bake for 15 minutes.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

6. Take out the baked cake, put it on the baking net and let it cool. Use another piece of clean greased paper to turn the piece of cake over, tear off the greased paper underneath, smear the strawberry jam, let it cool, and roll it up.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

7. Wrap it in oil paper and leave it for half an hour to shape.

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe

8. Finished picture, very beautiful roll cake

Giraffe Cake Roll recipe


You can put jam, red bean paste, salad dressing and any sauce you like in the middle. Because I don’t like cream, I used jam


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