Glutinous Fish Soup

Glutinous Fish Soup

by Seeking Joan in a Dream

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This glutinous fish soup is rich in nutrients and is very suitable for children to supplement calcium. You can try if you like


Glutinous Fish Soup

1. Prepare the fish and clean the ginger

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe

2. Put oil in a pan to heat up, add ginger and sauté fragrant, then add fish to fry

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe

3. Add cooking wine and fry the fish to golden brown

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe

4. Then pour in the right amount of water

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe

5. Cook until the fish soup turns milky white, add the washed goji berries

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe

6. Continue to simmer for an hour or so, add salt before eating

Glutinous Fish Soup recipe


Fried fish must use cooking wine to remove the fishy smell


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