Sam Chicken Soup

Sam Chicken Soup

by Jiesai Private Kitchen

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Samgyetang is a very famous and distinctive soup in Korea. It is a perfect combination of meat and nourishing foods. It is one of the most representative Korean palace dishes. The ginseng chicken soup is not only non-greasy, but also refreshing and delicious, with high nutritional value and a medicinal fragrance. For women, eating ginseng chicken soup has many benefits. It can nourish, maintain health, beautify, and relieve dryness, and while nourishing it, they don’t have to worry about getting fat. Only nourishing but not fattening, it is the best choice for women who desire to lose weight!


Sam Chicken Soup

1. Remove the hair and internal organs of the boy chicken, rinse, cut off the head, feet and buttocks of the chicken, soak the glutinous rice in water for 2 hours in advance

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

2. Blanch the whole chicken in hot water for 4 minutes, then put glutinous rice, dates, chestnuts, wolfberry, garlic into the belly of the chicken, and seal with a toothpick

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

3. Add the water for soaking glutinous rice to the pot, the processed whole chicken and ginseng

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

4. Put the lid on the pot and start the 【Big Bone Soup】 function

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

5. After the cooking is over, sprinkle in salt, stir, pick out the ingredients, pull out the toothpick and eat

Sam Chicken Soup recipe


1. Ingredients such as glutinous rice will swell up, so it should not be too much in the belly of the whole chicken, just 70% full;
2. If you don't like the smell of garlic, you can leave it alone;
3. You can sprinkle some chopped green onion to enhance the flavor after it is out of the pot, but must be green onion;
4. Use glutinous rice water to stew chicken, which can remove fishy and creamy soup, or use rice water.


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