Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg

by Alisa-Xiaocui

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Fermented glutinous eggs are a common sweet and tonic during Chinese New Year in Sichuan and confinement with women. The fermented wine is sweet and pungent, warm in nature, beneficial to qi, nourishes body fluid, and promotes blood circulation. Enzymes, active substances and B vitamins produced by fermented fermented wine are very conducive to the development of mammary glands, and a small amount of alcohol can improve blood circulation in the chest. If cooked with protein-rich eggs, it will not only make the breasts plump, but also The skin quality is also greatly improved. It is suitable for all people, and it is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women and those who are weak.


Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg

1. Prepare the main ingredients. I bought colorful crystal dumplings. I am already very appetite when I see the colors.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe

2. The fermented glutinous rice is commonly called rice wine. If you like to eat, you can put more, because it contains only a small amount of wine. After being diluted in water, there is basically no wine taste.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe

3. Dry wolfberry in a pot under cold water. When the water is boiled, put in the dumplings, and then put in the shelled eggs, just like poached eggs.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe

4. Do not stir the eggs immediately after they are put in the pan, let them boil for a minute and then stir them, so that the egg whites and yolks will not fall apart, and the cooked eggs will look beautiful

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe

5. Keep cooking on medium-high heat, cook until the glutinous rice balls are floating on the water, you can put the glutinous rice, add the glutinous rice to the boil, turn off the heat in one minute

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe

6. At this time, put a small amount of white sugar in the bowl and start eating (the crystal clear glutinous rice balls are very Q!)

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Egg recipe


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