Green Bean Soup

Green Bean Soup

by Flower fish

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When the weather is not hot, my son wants to drink mung bean soup; mung bean soup is a good drink to cool off the heat in the hot summer.


Green Bean Soup

1. Ingredients: mung beans, sugar

Green Bean Soup recipe

2. Wash the mung beans

Green Bean Soup recipe

3. Then, put the washed mung beans into the pressure cooker

Green Bean Soup recipe

4. Next, add some water

Green Bean Soup recipe

5. Then, close the lid, turn to low heat and cook for 5 minutes, turn off the heat

Green Bean Soup recipe

6. Open the lid after simmering until it is out of breath

Green Bean Soup recipe

7. Finally, add 8 tablespoons of sugar

Green Bean Soup recipe

8. Seasoning and stir well, then

Green Bean Soup recipe


The sweetness of mung bean soup is controlled according to your own taste.


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