Seasonal Vegetable Lily

Seasonal Vegetable Lily

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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Lily, also known as vegetable lily, garlic brain potato and Qiang Qu, is a famous health food and commonly used Chinese medicine. Folks often make lilies into cakes. Cantonese people prefer to boil sugar water with lilies to moisturize the lungs and replenish qi. Lily is sweet in taste and calm in nature. It has the effects of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and calming the nerves, clearing heat and cooling blood, and beautifying the skin. Lily is a good nourishing product with both medicine and food. Fresh lily has good therapeutic effect and can be eaten in all seasons. Today I used fresh lilies with green beans and carrots. After blanching, adding scallion oil and soy sauce. The taste is amazing.


Seasonal Vegetable Lily

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

2. Wash the kidney beans and carrots and shred them.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

3. Pick and wash the lilies for later use.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

4. Add water and fine salt to a pot and bring to a boil. Blanch the kidney beans until they are broken.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

5. Boil the carrots in the pot again.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

6. Finally, put the lily in the pot and cook until the lily slices around slightly become a bit transparent.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

7. Take the ingredients out of the pot and put the water in a bowl, then add scallion oil and soy sauce and mix.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe

8. In this way, a mixed seasonal vegetable lily is complete.

Seasonal Vegetable Lily recipe


String beans are not easy to cook, so it takes a little longer to cook. Lilies and carrots are easy to cook, and the cooking time is short.


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