Beans and Seasonal Vegetables

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables

by Leaf's Little Chef

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The beans and vegetables we shared today were taught by Mr. Liu Jiang, the inheritor of the state banquet in the nutrition class. The teacher used chickpeas. I ran three supermarkets and didn’t buy them. The teacher said that he had to draw inferences from one another, so I used it Replace chickpeas with mung beans. Eating mung beans in this hot weather is just to clear away heat and detoxify.
The beans and vegetables prepared by the teacher at the time were very popular. The one I made today is light and healthy in terms of taste. It is estimated that some friends will not like it. The method is very simple, just add a little salt, and other seasonings. No, keep the authentic taste of the food. I tasted the mung beans and pumpkin directly into juice. It tastes good without any seasoning. I think this should be great as a baby food supplement. The vegetables are also directly made into juice, which is light and nutritious, which is very suitable for babies.


Beans and Seasonal Vegetables

1. Prepare the raw materials.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Soak mung beans and goji berries an hour in advance.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Boil mung beans and pumpkin with appropriate amount of water.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Beat cooked mung beans, pumpkin and soup into juice.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

6. Put enough water in the pot to boil, add a few drops of sesame oil, and add some salt.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

7. Quickly blanch the washed apricot leaves and remove them. Add appropriate amount of salt to the beaten juice, mix well, and add the blanched apricots

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe

8. Just add wolfberry.

Beans and Seasonal Vegetables recipe


I was lazy and changed a bit. When the teacher made it, I poured the beaten juice into the pot and boiled it for a while, added salt, scooped out the foam, put the juice in the container, and added boiling water to the pot. When it's boiling hot, use this soup to blanch the vegetables.


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