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When the weather gets hot, my son is greedy for this dish. It is not enough to eat 5 times a week. He even ordered it for breakfast.
During the recent period, the temperature is really high. I wake up from the heat every morning. The bright white sun is outside the window at 6:30. The children always have no appetite during this period. They want to eat cold drinks all day long. The water must first be put in the refrigerator to cool down.
The child was already thin. In order to get it to eat a few more meals, the old mother tried her best. She stayed in the kitchen for frying and frying every day, defying the heat, changing the pattern to make her favorite food.
Fortunately, the hard work pays off. In order to clean the refrigerator a few days ago, he made this dry dumpling pot. My son liked it very much. If he was afraid that he would be stopped by eating, he would almost eat up a large plate by himself! I just said I didn’t eat it to the fullest. I have to make it every day for the past few days. It’s not enough to eat it 5 times a week. Even breakfast is ordered.
In fact, the recipe for this dish is very simple. It saves more trouble than usual cooking. It can be served in 5 minutes, and I am happy to make it in summer.
The meatballs are the favorite of children. You have to buy a few bags every Chinese New Year. The hot pot is the most delicious. There are still many older generations who have not finished eating the meatballs for the Chinese New Year this year. Put them in the refrigerator and use them with vegetables to make a dry pot. Tasty, how can children not love it!
I also added potatoes, cabbage, dumplings, which are the children’s favorites, in one pot, which is simple and easy. In summer, it’s so enjoyable to eat.



1. Wash the coriander and cut into long pieces.
Fragrant pot, eaten with a strong fragrance, coriander is essential, of course, if you can't stand the smell of coriander, then there is no way.

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2. Cut the potatoes into pieces, wash off the excess starch on the surface, and drain for later use.

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3. Wash the cabbage and tear it into pieces. Many people think that it’s better to eat cabbage when it is torn apart than when it is cut. I also agree with this statement. The cut area of the sliced cabbage torn by hand is wider, and the area in contact with the juice is wider, so I added it more. taste.

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4. Pour all the ingredients into a bowl, mix together, and mix well.

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5. The meatballs are heated in a pot with cold water, and continue to cook after the water is boiled. The cooked meatballs float on the water. The physique increased significantly. The fish balls have to be boiled for a long time to make them soft and tender.

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6. Heat the oil pan, pour the potato slices into the pan, stir-fry for about a minute on medium heat, the edges of the potato slices become slightly transparent.

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7. Add appropriate amount of salt and stir well.

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8. Add the cabbage slices and stir fry together until the cabbage is cooked through, at which time the potato slices are almost cooked.

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9. Pour in the cooked dumplings. (The dumplings should be cooked in advance, and use cold water for later use. I forgot to take this step)

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10. All the ingredients are cooked thoroughly, pour in the mixed juice. (The sauce is prepared according to your own preferences, it is not necessary to copy it completely)

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11. Turn off the heat, stir quickly and evenly to get out of the pot. A big fragrant pot, with dumplings, vegetables and meat. It is both a vegetable and a meal. My son doesn't even want rice. It's all he likes. He doesn't like it too much.

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Such a big pot with delicious colors, fragrances, not to mention children, even we adults are salivating! When the breakfast is served as a midnight snack, the weather is hot, and when you don’t want to cook, just cook it in a pot. It’s delicious and easy. Moms can also be lazy!
Do you like this dry pot made of dumplings? In the hot summer weather, cooking is also a tiring task. Do you have any delicious and easy-to-cook home-cooked dishes? Welcome to share in the comment area, let us use delicious food to deal with the summer heat.


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