Griddle Potato Bullfrog

Griddle Potato Bullfrog

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Bullfrog meat is a healthy food with high protein, low fat and low cholesterol.

Bullfrog meat also has a high medicinal value. It has a flat, sweet taste and has nourishing and detoxifying effects. It can be eaten in summer to avoid skin sores. It can promote wound healing in patients with surgery. It can significantly increase appetite when eating in patients with liver and lung diseases. .


Griddle Potato Bullfrog

1. Wash two bullfrogs and prepare to cut into sections

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

2. Cut the bullfrog into sections with scissors and marinate in the cooking wine salt for 15 minutes

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

3. Marinate for flavor, add dark soy sauce➕ oyster sauce, add starch and mix well, add green onion and ginger at the end to marinate

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

4. Slice potatoes, soak in water to remove starch

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

5. Wash the sliced onion and set aside

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

6. Fry the marinated bullfrogs in a frying pan, add more oil to the pot, heat to 60% heat, and then add the bullfrogs one by one. Golden and crisp, ready to cook.

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

7. The bullfrog is fried and fished out to control the oil

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

8. Use kitchen paper to dry the potato chips and fry them in a frying pan until golden and remove the oil for use.

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

9. Stir fragrant ginger and garlic in a frying pan

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

10. Add onions and green and red peppers, sauté until the onions, green and red peppers are soft, add the fried potatoes

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe

11. Add the fried bullfrogs, fry a few times, season with fresh oyster sauce, and serve

Griddle Potato Bullfrog recipe


The taste of this dish can be adjusted according to personal taste. As far as I know, there are salt and pepper, spicy and so on.


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