Pickle Bullfrog

Pickle Bullfrog

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Speaking of the popular Internet celebrity dishes in recent years, the bullfrog can definitely be ranked first! All kinds of charcoal-fired bullfrogs, bullfrog hot pot, pickled pepper bullfrogs, dry pot bullfrogs, bullfrog noodles, etc. are all top fires.
Bullfrogs are so hot, of course, there is a reason: the meat is tender, delicious, high in protein, and low in fat. How can it be unloved? But when I was young, I resisted it for a while, until... I made this pickled pepper bullfrog myself.
That's right, this is a real incense scene that is not too large! I was impressed by my own cooking skills and captured by the fresh and tender bullfrog-the spicy taste is too appetizing, and the meat of the bullfrog is too tender!
I'll teach you another trick secretly, cook some Longkou fans and throw them in. Come to me if it doesn't taste good!


Pickle Bullfrog

1. Cut bullfrogs into large pieces after removing their paws

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

2. Put in an appropriate amount of white wine and salt and marinate evenly for 30 minutes. The main purpose of this step is to remove the fishy

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

3. Lettuce diced

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

4. Cut ginger, garlic, pickled pepper, and millet pepper into sections

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

5. Rinse the marinated bullfrogs

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

6. Heat the pan with cold oil and stir fry until fragrant

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

7. After sautéing, add bullfrogs and stir fry for flavor

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

8. Add cooking wine and light soy sauce to taste

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

9. Add lettuce and hot water, bring to a boil

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

10. Finally, add chicken essence and salt to taste according to your own taste

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

11. Loading

Pickle Bullfrog recipe

12. carry out

Pickle Bullfrog recipe


1. There are a lot of blood on the surface of the bullfrog that was killed in the supermarket. Be sure to soak it to get rid of the blood.

2. I made a more soup base. I chose lettuce as a side dish. You can choose other side dishes according to your preference.

3. Friends who can't eat spicy can not use millet pepper

4. Bullfrogs are relatively tender, so they need to be quickly fried and cooked over high heat throughout the process

2 minutes to teach you to make a life delicacy!

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