Griddle Ribs

Griddle Ribs

by Rooftop canteen

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Griddle ribs that are fragrant on the outside and tender on the inside. Don’t be stingy at the end of the year. Be nice to Jiji


Griddle Ribs

1. The pork ribs are marinated with cooking wine and starch for ten minutes, knead vigorously, add a few drops of oil, and after sizing, add a few drops of oil to prevent adhesion

Griddle Ribs recipe

2. Put in the ribs at 70% oil temperature, fry for 5 minutes, remove the ribs after the ribs are fully fried

Griddle Ribs recipe

3. The temperature of the oil rises again, and the pan is fried again, and the surface is golden and then removed.

Griddle Ribs recipe

4. Fry the potato chips and remove them

Griddle Ribs recipe

5. Pour in scallion, ginger, dried pepper, a spoonful of bean paste, and stir-fry with red oil

Griddle Ribs recipe

6. Add the ribs and stir fry evenly, add the green garlic chilies

Griddle Ribs recipe


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