Potato Chips recipes

Potato Cake

Potato Chips, All-purpose Flour, Chopped Green Onion

Fish and Chips

Fish, Flour, Potato Chips

Spicy Hot Pot

Fish Ball, Sweet Or Not Spicy, Shrimp

Griddle Potato Chips

Pork Belly, Potato Chips, Onion


Celery, Carob, Cauliflower

Curry Kei Wai Shrimp Soup

Kewei Shrimp, Loofah, Broad Bean

Low-fat and Oil-free Potato Chips Grilled Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, Potato Chips, Cooking Wine

Spicy Hot Pot

Bamboo Shoots, Lotus Root, Celery

Griddle Ribs

Rack Of Pork Ribs, Potato Chips, Shallot

Refreshing Cold Wakame

Wakame, Vinegar, Soy Sauce

Chicken Wings with Crispy Potato Chips

Potato Chips, Chicken Wings, Black Pepper

The Practice of Making Vegetables in Huixiang Love

Enoki Mushroom, Potato Chips, Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

Potato Chips Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, Potato Chips, Salt

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Leg, Potato Chips, Ginger

Fried Potato Shreds with Carrot Shreds

Potato Chips, Carrot Strips, Green Onion Ginger Garlic